1. Go to the Alabama DOE Applicant Processing Services page.
  2. Under "Registration" click on "Register Online".
  3. Follow the process. For "Application Type," you will need to select "Admission to a Teacher Education Program/Internship."
  4. At Step 3, your "registration ID" is located at the top, next to your name. Write down or print your ID number. At this point:
    1. You may pay by credit card. Fill out the appropriate information and print your receipt of payment.

      OR ...

    2. You may pay by money order or cashier's check. Make sure you bring either to your selected location.
  5. Please make sure that you print or write down your REGISTRATION ID. Bring this information to the Cogent approved location you selected. This is necessary in order to complete the process. Fingerprinting is including in the cost. The information will be electronically submitted to the State Department of Education. You should receive your suitability letter in the mail.

Note: Keep your suitability letter in a safe place. You will be required to upload it to your teacher education portfolio.