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Purpose Statement

Develop transformative professionals who advance education, health, and well-being.

Vision Statement

We are committed to enhancing our reputation by addressing global and local challenges in education, health, and wellness.

We Value:

Integrity, Respect, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Collaboration, Excellence and Achievement, Stewardship, and Accountability.

Strategic Priorities


UAB SOE is recognized for programming and teaching that is of the highest quality and responsive to 21st century learners.

  • Deliver modern and accessible models of preparation of professionals that reflect cutting edge research and best practices
  • Co-construct with community partners transformative curricula and student placements
  • Amplify our programs’ contributions to research and scholarship in order to leverage modern understandings of best practices

Research and Scholarship

UAB SOE is respected for championing faculty and student research and scholarship and its contribution in teaching and service.

  • Increase quality and impact of research and scholarship production and publications by faculty and students
  • Increase the number of grant submissions, acquisitions, and strategic collaborations
  • Increase interdisciplinary research and scholarship collaborations


UAB SOE builds and enhances partnerships that support aspiring and current professionals to serve the community.

  • Continue to identify, enhance, and co-construct relevant, rigorous initiatives to meet community needs
  • Nurture sustainable pipelines of aspiring professionals
  • Nurture rigorous research and engaged scholarship that impacts the communities we serve


UAB SOE stimulates growth, student success and financial sustainability.

  • Increase student enrollment
  • Increase accessibility through signature online programs
  • Increase student retention and the number of graduates


UAB SOE invests in furthering an organizational culture of collaboration and unity.

  • Deliver purposeful opportunities for team building across and within departments and support areas
  • Strengthen staff and faculty, professional development, and community engagement
  • Increase innovation and collaboration across the School of Education and Human Sciences and UAB