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The traditional master's degree program allows individuals holding Class B certification in physical education to earn a Master of Science degree and Class A certification. The traditional master's program may be completed entirely online, although certain courses are also available on campus. Students are able to finish their degree requirements in as few as three semesters or may choose to take a slower path – up to five years — to complete their degree.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates must meet admission requirements for both the UAB Graduate School and the Class A certification program. To be eligible for the latter, candidates must hold valid Alabama Class B certification in physical education.

Coursework and Degree Requirements

Students take required courses such as Curriculum Development in Physical Education, Strategies and Issues in K-12 Physical Education, Statistical Methods and Research, and Advanced Field Studies as well as nine to 18 hours of elective courses. Students opt either to write a thesis or to complete and pass a portfolio assessment.

Teacher Certification

Graduates of the Traditional Master's Physical Education Teacher Certification program are eligible for Class A Professional Educator Certification through the Alabama State Department of Education.

Career Opportunities

The traditional master's degree prepares post-baccalaureate students for professional advancement (and additional compensation) as elementary school, middle school, or high school physical education teachers and coaches. With this degree and Class A certification, graduates may pursue an Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S.) in order to be eligible for Class AA certification in physical education.

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