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The Alternative Master's program (AMP) is designed for individuals who have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in a field other than education and want to become a teacher.

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Admissions Requirements

To be considered for admission to the PE program, applicants must meet the AMP admission requirements and attend an AMP information session. Applicants to the PE program must have an undergraduate major in a related field AND specific content courses. Contact Dr. Sandra Sims for the list of courses.

Coursework and Degree Requirements

Students entering the AMP program are required to take 14 hours of prerequisite courses on campus: Human Anatomy (BY 115, 4 hours); Human Physiology (BY 116, 4 hours), Kinesiology (KIN 307, 3 hours, pre-req BY 115) and Physiology of Exercise (KIN 400, 3 hours, pre-req BY 116). Students must also take 31 hours of methods-based courses on campus, nine of which are dedicated to student teaching. The remaining required courses are taken online. Due to the nature of the alternative master's program, we find that students typically need six semesters in which to complete their degree.

Student Teaching

With the help of their faculty advisors and the Office of Clinical Experiences, our AMP students are placed in both an elementary and a secondary school — typically within a 50 miles radius of metro Birmingham — during their student teaching semester. Since UAB is close to and has affiliations with a wide range of urban, suburban, and rural public schools, our students have the opportunity to experience varied and diverse teaching environments.

Teacher Certification

Graduates of the Alternative Master's Physical Education Teacher Certification program are eligible for Class A certification through the Alabama State Department of Education.

Alternative Master's Program

The Alternative Masters Program (AMP) is designed for individuals who hold an undergraduate degree in a field outside of education who want to become certified teachers. Students who successfully complete the AMP will earn a master’s degree in education and be eligible for Class A certification in their specific teaching field. Read more about the Alternative Master's Program.

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