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The Non-profit Management Certificate (NPM) is offered jointly by the Community Health and Human Services program in the Department of Human Studies and the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. Coursework for the certificate is not available online and must be pursued on campus. Health educators learn valuable non-profit management skills such as grant writing, fundraising, and marketing while broadening their skill sets and improving their abilities to run health organizations effectively.

Detailed information about the master's program itself may be found on the M.A. in Education with a Concentration in Community Health webpage. A graduate student may pursue the Non-profit Management Certificate while working on his or her master's degree.

Admissions Requirements

In addition to submitting all of the required materials for the master's degree program in community health, applicants interested in this option must also complete the Non-Profit Management Certificate Application and submit it to the certificate coordinator listed on the application form.

Course and Certificate Requirements

Students substitute two non-profit management courses for two standard master’s degree courses and take an additional two management courses, one of which is an elective, to complete the certificate portion of their degree program. They learn best practices and essential management tools in order to thrive in today’s dynamic non-profit environment. Please note that all students enrolled in the certificate program must apply to receive their certificates and must be registered for courses when they submit the completed UAB Application for Graduate Degree/Certificate Form to the Graduate School. The Graduate School does not award certificates or degrees retroactively.

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