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Student Teaching Application

Student teaching applications are due one semester prior to the internship: Oct. 1st for spring semester interns and March 1st for fall semester interns. Please see the Clinical Practice Handbook for eligibility requirements.

The UAB SOE is committed to assisting you in completing a successful internship and securing certification as mandated by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE).

The ALSDE has specific requirements regarding internships: “The internships in Class B and Alternative Class A programs shall equal at least a full semester, full-time in the teaching field for which certification is sought and may include more than one classroom or grade level, with experiences of the intern progressing to the full-time responsibilities of the teacher. Prior to program completion, an intern must teach full-time for at least five consecutive days.”(Alabama Administrative Code, 2021, 290-3-3-.03(6)(e)1.(iv)).

Interns must adhere to all policies and responsibilities outlined in the Clinical Practice Handbook. Please note that all Praxis and Pearson Foundations of Reading tests must be successfully completed by July 15, 2024.

The Office of Clinical Experiences (OCE) organizes all internship placements. Candidates are only permitted to arrange their internship placements if employed with the school where they will conduct their internship. Interns cannot intern in schools where relatives are employed, or their children attend. Secondary Education interns will only be placed at their graduating high school if they graduated at least five years prior to their internship.

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