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Student Ambassador President

Hometown: Chelsea, Alabama

Major: Kinesiology (Exercise Science) with a minor in Spanish

Graduation Year: 2024

Why did you choose UAB?

I was looking all around on the east coast because I have a lot of family in New Jersey, but my family and I felt that I could get a quality education that was not as expensive as other universities in the state and out-of-state. I decided that UAB was going to be my choice and I have not regretted that decision.

Why did you choose your major?jacob tierney profile

I knew what I wanted to do for my future career and Kinesiology gave me the best path to learn information necessary to succeed in the future. The material is applicable and I need to be able to visualize what I am learning for me to stay engaged.


What is your favorite thing about the UAB School of Education?

The academic advisors and faculty that work in the School of Education. Everyone is welcoming and willing to help you when you need it.


What class have you enjoyed the most so far at UAB?

My favorite class has either been Beginning Swimming with Donald Sanders or Exercise Physiology with Dr. Bello.


What is your favorite place to study on or off campus

My favorite place to study is the 3rd floor of Sterne Library.


What piece of advice would you give a prospective UAB School of Education student?

Take advantage of all the opportunities and resources that you have access to and join a club. These are great ways to make your college experience enjoyable and I know they have given me the opportunity to meet amazing people.


What are your plans after you graduate from UAB?

I want to do something in the field of Sports Medicine.


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