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Student Ambassador

Hometown: Mobile, Alabama

Major: Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science

Graduation Year:

Why did you choose UAB?

I chose UAB because of the great pre-health education and resources they have! Both of my sisters also went to UAB, and I was already living in Birmingham in high school.

Why did you choose your major?

I chose my major because I really enjoy exercise science and was an athlete in high school. I hope to be able to dig deeper and learn more about the exercise science so that I will be able to help and educate others.


What is your favorite thing about the UAB School of Education?

I really enjoy how nice and welcoming everyone is!


What class have you enjoyed the most so far at UAB?

EH 101 with Professor Perz


What is your favorite place to study on or off campus

O’Henry’s Coffee Shop


What piece of advice would you give a prospective UAB School of Education student?

When you get to college, make friends and find connections to make your year go by smoother!


What are your plans after you graduate from UAB?

I want to try to go to PA school.


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