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Student Ambassador

Hometown: Madison, Alabama

Major: Kinesiology

Graduation Year: 2026

Why did you choose UAB?

I chose UAB because of the opportunities around the career path that I want to do and I also liked the city life that Birmingham offers.

Why did you choose your major?

I chose my major because I have always had a passion for the human body, exercise and how this contributes to human health. Also, it was one of the best majors for becoming a physical therapist.

What is your favorite thing about the UAB School of Education?

My favorite thing about the UAB school of education is the amazing events they put on. Who does not love free food?


What class have you enjoyed the most so far at UAB?
My favorite class so far at UAB was my honors seminar class which was experiencing theatre. While I do not have an interest in theatre, some of the assignments had us go off campus and actually experience theatre, which I thought was cool.


What is your favorite place to study on or off campus
My favorite place to study is the laundry room. I do not know why but whenever I am doing laundry I get twice the amount of work done.


What piece of advice would you give a prospective UAB School of Education student?
The most important advice is to stay on top of your assignments. I would definitely get a planner so you do not forget an assignment or something else you had to do .

What are your plans after you graduate from UAB?

Go to physical therapy school at either at UAB or somewhere else in Alabama and then move somewhere far away from Alabama.


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