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Kinesiology: Physical Education Honors Program

The Department of Human Studies Physical Education Honors Program provides high achieving Physical Education Teacher Certification students with the opportunity to participate in honors (HON) sections of KIN 409 and KIN 489. During which time the teacher candidate will collaborate with faculty mentors (Dr. Sims and Dr. Mowling) in pursuit of their intellectual interests and complete an honors project. As a result of participating in the Honors program, the teacher candidate will have an opportunity to conduct an in-depth literature review plus a research project designed to meet some particular need related to physical education.


  • Junior standing
  • Completion of 9 hours pre-professional education courses
  • 3.5 GPA in Education courses
  • 3.0 GPA overall
  • Faculty recommendation from Mentor

Honors Coursework

By the completion of KIN 489 HON (6 credits), students should have devoted at least 90 hours to their honors project. Faculty mentors submit either a satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress report and a copy of each student’s written report—while each student submits a journal (hourly log) of his or her activities signed by the faculty mentors.

Honors Project

In order to complete the honors project successfully, each student must produce a written report and a public presentation that meets stated criteria in the syllabus.

Graduating with Honors

Honors students must earn a grade of ‘A’ in HON sections of both KIN 409 and KIN 489 in order to graduate with "Honors in Education.” Honors students must also maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher throughout their degree. Honors graduates will wear a ‘white cord’ at the Commencement ceremony (picked up from the Honors table), and with ‘Honors in Education’ will be printed by their name in the Program.