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  • MSRD 2020 Winners

    Oral Presentations

    Short Term Oral:
    Sheila Mallenahalli (1st Place, Other) 
    Jonathan Dismukes (2nd Place, Endocrine)  

    Intermediate Oral:
    Edgar Soto (1st Place, Pulmonary)   
    Karleigh Johnson (2nd Place, Public Health)
    Brittany Hinten (3rd Place, Public Health)    

    Long Term Oral:
    Katherine Barnes (1st Place, Public Health)   
    Reagan Hattaway (3rd Place, Surgery and Anesthesiology)    

    Poster Presentations

    Andrew Brown (1st Place)
    Christa Hastings (1st Place)
    Haley Thigpen (2nd Place)
    Kevin Yang (2nd Place)
    Jocelyn York (3rd Place)

    Cardiovascular and Trauma
    Danielle Joiner (1st Place)
    Hayden Mezick (2nd Place)
    John C. Pruitt (3rd Place)

    Morgan Brazelle (1st Place)
    Alex Nocera (2nd Place)
    Meredith Thomley (3rd Place)

    Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
    Alesha Amerson (1st Place)

    Mack Bozman (1st Place)

    Genetics and Bioinformatics
    Caitlin Horne (1st Place)

    Infectious Diseases
    David Monaco (1st Place)

    Neuroscience and the Brain
    Ho-Young Ahn (1st Place)
    Anjali Kamath (2nd Place)
    Paul Waldrop (3rd Place)

    Other Research
    Austin Hughes (1st Place)
    Jordi Garcia-Diaz (2nd Place)
    Kurt DeLay (2nd Place)
    Zach Burns (3rd Place)

    Public Health
    Matthew Moore (1st Place)
    Sarah Shaner (2nd Place)
    Andrew NeSmith (3rd Place)

    Katie Falkner (1st Place)

    Mary Chumley(1st Place)
    Ayaka Fujihashi (2nd Place)
    Bethany Langner (2nd Place)
    Neil Goal (3rd Place)

    Surgery and Anesthesiology
    Teressa Duong (1st Place)
    Elizabeth Lopez (2nd Place)
    Mackenzie Sowers (2nd Place)
    Kayla Frey (3rd Place)

  • MSRD 2019 Winners


    Colin Quinn (1st Place)
    Renu Pandit (2nd Place)
    Matthew Brown (2nd Place)
    Ho-Young Ahn (3rd Place)

    Cardiovascular and Trauma
    Nicolas Mayfield (1st Place)
    W Andrew Smedley (2nd Place)

    Hunter Boudreau (1st Place)

    Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
    Rahul Gaini (1st Place)

    Andy Thomas (1st Place)

    Genetics and Bioinformatics
    Elizabeth Nichols  (1st Place)

    Immunology and Hematology
    Syed Raza (1st Place)

    Infectious Diseases
    Shannon Snellgrove (1st Place)

    Neuroscience and the Brain
    Sean Bowman (1st Place)

    Other Research 
    Sean Williamson (1st Place)
    Aaron Stuber (2nd Place)
    Brent Elder (3rd Place)
    Philip Dockery (3rd Place)

    Public Health
    Rachael Rainey (1st Place)
    Kristin Deneen (2nd Place)
    Eric Kim (3rd Place)

    James Lambert (1st Place)

    Steven Cochrun (1st Place)
    John Miller Allan (2nd Place)

    Surgery and Anesthesiology 
    Josh Purvis (1st Place)
    Bethany Kennedy (2nd Place)
    Brittany Hatter (3rd Place)

  • MSRD 2018 Winners


    Short Term
    Alex Dombrowsky

    Emma Dean

    Long Term
    Jeremie Lever


    Cardiovascular and Trauma
    Patrick Molina (1st Place)
    Mark Pepin  (2nd Place)

    J. Dixon John and James Bryant (1st Place)
    Hannah Hashimi (2nd Place)

    Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
    Diep Nguyen (1st Place)

    John Miller (1st Place)

    Genetics and Bioinformatics
    Matthew Neu (1st Place)

    Infectious Diseases
    Kristin Olson (1st Place)
    Sushma Boppana (2nd Place)
    Paul St. Clair (3rd Place)

    Public Health and Outcomes
    Alana Jones (1st Place)
    Richard Seeber II (2nd Place)
    Margaret Williams (3rd Place)

    Surgery and Anesthesiology
    Elle Kaplan (1st Place)
    Sellers Boudreau (2nd Place)
    Skyler Graham (3rd Place)

    Garrett Brinkley (1st Place)
    Tyler McCaw (1st Place)
    Brian Stahl (2nd Place)
    Meredith Montgomery (3rd Place)

    Immunology and Hematology
    Kelly Chen (1st Place)

    Nicholas Boyle (1st Place)
    Morgan Zipperly (2nd Place)
    Shri Rajan (3rd Place)

    Research Other
    Brian Westbrook (1st Place)
    Kyle Paul (2nd Place)
    Philip Dockery (3rd Place)
    Muhan Hu (3rd Place)
    Erin Katz (3rd Place)

    Jacelyn Peabody (1st Place)
    Sierra Hansen (2nd Place)
    Taylor Bono (3rd Place)

    Audrey Ang (1st Place)

  • MSRD 2017 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Sarah McClees, MS2. (1st Place)
    Zachary Hughes, MS2. (2nd Place)
    Stephanie L. Donaldson, MS2.
    Allison M. Montgomery, MS1.
    William Summers, MS2.
    William Riley, MS3. 

    Intermediate Term Oral:
    Jeremie Lever, MSTP, GS2. (1st Place)
    Elizabeth Leader, MS2.
    Kathryn Hudak, MS3.

    Long Term Oral:
    Tyler McCaw, MSTP, GS2. (1st Place)
    Alexander Bray, MSTP GS5. 
    Jonathan R Lockhart, MSTP GS5. 

    Poster Winners:

    Poster Group A: 
    Aditi Jani, MS3. (1st Place)   
    Andrew Schroeder, MSTP, GS1. (2nd Place) 
    Beomjy Kim, MS2. (3rd Place)   

    Poster Group B
    John Johnson, MS2. (1st Place)*
    Philip Dockery, MS1. (1st Place)*
    Christian Mays, MS2. (3rd Place)

    Poster Group C:
    Anjali Wagle, MS2. 

    Poster Group D:
    Georgia Gamble, MS4. 

    Poster Group E:
    Ryan Berry, MSTP, GS4.

    Poster Group F:
    Ryne Ramaker, MSTP, GS3. (1st Place) 
    Andrew Hardigan, MSTP, GS3. (2nd Place)

    Poster Group G: 
    Sarah Stone, MSTP, GS5. 

    Poster Group H: 
    Kristin Olson, MSTP, GS2. 

    Poster Group I:
    Lindsay Stoyka, MSTP GS1. (1st Place)
    Corey Duke, MSTP, GS1. (2nd Place)
    Morgan Zipperly, MSTP, GS1. (3rd Place)

    Poster Group J: 
    Asher Krell, MSTP, MS2. (1st Place) 
    Hunter Dean, MSTP, MS1. (2nd Place)
    Walter Holloway, MS2. (3rd Place)

    Poster Group K: 
    Anna Joy Rogers, MSTP, GS4. (1st Place)
    Matthew Hess, MS3. (2nd Place)

    Poster Group L:
    Lydia McCormick, MS2. (1st Place)
    Bria Williams, MS2. (2nd Place)

    Poster Group M: 
    Brendon Herring, MS1. 

    Poster Group N: 
    Ashlyn Alongi, MS2.  (1st Place)
    Alexia Powers, MS2. (2nd Place)*
    Kevin Shrestha, MS1. (2nd Place)*

  • MSRD 2015 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Salmaan Z. Kamal, MS2*
    Jordan Harper, MS4 
    Edward W. Ference, III, MS3 
    Ross L. Pearlman, MS2 
    Christopher A. Ray, MS2
    Brandon A. Sherrod, MS2  

    Intermediate Term Oral:
    Morgan L. Locy, MSTP (GS2)*
    Marshall C. Pritchett, III, MS2
    James Heath Pelham, MS3
    Fenil Patel, MS3 

    Long Term Oral:
    Anna Joy Graves Rogers, MSTP (GS3)*
    Vincent A. Laufer, MSTP (GS3)

    *Denotes Winner

    Poster Winners:

    Group A: Carson Moseley, MSTP (GS5)
    Group B: Ravi Jariwala, MS2
    Group C: Kevin Jiang, MS2
    Group D: Brandon Sherrod, MS2
    Group E: Kelsey Real, MS2
    Group F: Aditi Jani, MS2
    Group G: Walter Smith, MS2
    Group H: Lauren Hoepfner, MS2
    Group I: Chris Ives, MS2
    Group J: Muhan Hu, MSTP (GS1)
    Group K: David Harris, MS3 
    Group L: David Figge, MSTP (GS1)
    Group M: Ryne Black, MS2

  • MSRD 2014 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Landon Mueller, MS2*
    Matthew S. Carle, MS2 
    Joy M. DeShazo, MS2 
    Jennifer L. Jackson, MS2 
    James Thompson McMurtrie, MS3 
    Jaclyn P. Souder, MSTP (MS1)   
    Courtney L. Culbreath, MS3

    Intermediate Term Oral:
    Yun Ju (Janis) Cho, MS4  
    Justin C. Chuang, MS4 
    Frederick A. Kebbel, MS4  

    Long Term Oral:
    Travis Hull, MSTP (GS4)*
    Alexander W. Bray, MSTP (GS3)  
    William H. Ennis, MS4  
    Jennifer A. Stanley, MSTP (GS4)

    *Denotes Winner

    **Incomplete Winners List

  • MSRD 2013 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Helen Lin, MS2*
    Chad Colon, MS2  
    David Dorn, MS3  
    Neha Hingorani, MS2
    Elizabeth Luke, MS4
    Claire Sands, MS3  
    Nicholas Scanlon, MS2  
    Derek Wells, MS2  

    Intermediate Term Oral:
    Charis Chambers, MS4*
    Jonathan Landham, MS4  
    Shalini Vaid, MS4  

    Long Term Oral:
    Catherine Poholek, MSTP (GS4)*
    Jennifer Hadley, MSTP (GS4)       
    Jon Lockhart, MSTP (GS2)
    Stephanie Robert, MSTP (GS3)  

    *Denotes Winner

    Poster Winners:

    Group A: Avinash Honasoge, MSTP (GS4)
    Group B: Cory Smith, MS2
    Group C: Brian Warmus, MSTP (GS4)
    Group D: Jeffrey Tapley, MS2
    Group E: Jennifer Stanley, MS2
    Group F: John Musgrove, MS4
    Group G: Davis Bradford, MS2
    Group H: Katherine Rainey, MS2
    Group I: Jessica Davis, MS2
    Group J: Emily Blosser, MSTP (GS5)
    Group K: Morgan Locy, MSTP (MS2)
    Group L: Eleanor Matthews, MS2
    Group M: Jamie Powell, MS3
    Group N: Alice Weaver, MSTP (GS1)
    Group O: Jay Watson, MS2
    Group P: Travis Hull, MSTP (GS3)

  • MSRD 2012 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Richard H. Cockrum, MS2*
    David Paul Dorn, Jr., MS2 
    Anna Joy Graves, MSTP (MS2) 
    Christa Renee Nevin, MS2 
    Ryne Ramaker, MSTP (MS1) 
    Ashley Ladana Spann, MS2  
    Timothy Adrian Wang, MS2 

    Intermediate Term Oral: 
    Jennifer Porter Bynum, MS4*
    Thomas Clark Powell, MS3  
    Benjamin Todd Raines, MS3 

    Long Term Oral:
    Brian Andrew Warmus, MSTP (GS3)*
    Jennifer Ann Hadley, MSTP (GS3)
    Nicholas Joseph Reish, MSTP (GS5) 

    *Denotes Winner

    Poster Winners:

    Group A: Alice Weaver, MSTP (MS2)
    Group B: Charles Keith, Jr., MS4
    Group C: Melanie Wooten, MS2
    Group D: Alexander Cotter, MS2
    Group E: Samantha Eschborn, MS4
    Group F: Margaret Meehan, MS2
    Group G: Zachary Dobbin, MSTP (GS3)
    Group H: Darryl Outlaw, MS2
    Group I: Don McCormick, MS3
    Group J: Stephanie Brosius, MSTP (GS1)
    Group K: Avinash Honasoge, MSTP (GS2)
    Group L: William Webb, MSTP (MS1)
    Group M: Jennifer Bynum, MS4

  • MSRD 2011 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Mat Burke, MS2*
    Kyle Den Beste, MS2
    Reese Feist, MS2
    Akash Kapadia, MS2
    David Kim, MS2
    Sara Wilkins, MS2

    Intermediate Term Oral: 
    John-Ryan McAnnally, MS4* 
    Jennifer Hadley, MSTP (GS2)
    Joseph Kundukulam, MS3
    Adam Weber, MS4

    Long Term Oral:
    Vishnu Cuddapah, MSTP (GS4)*
    Juan Calix, MSTP (GS4)

    *Denotes Winner

    Poster Winners:

    Poster Group A: Valerie Gribben, MS4
    Poster Group B: David Gaston, MSTP (GS4) 
    Poster Group C: Terrance Zimmerman, MS2
    Poster Group D: Andrew Klinger, MS2
    Poster Group E: Suzanne McCluskey, MS4 
    Poster Group F: Michael Chestnut, MS3
    Poster Group G: Ryan Corrick, MSTP (GS4) 
    Poster Group H: Asher Albertson, MSTP (GS4) 
    Poster Group I: Brian Warmus, MSTP (GS2) 
    Poster Group J: John Jarboe, MSTP (GS3) 
    Poster Group K: MeKeisha Pickens, MS4
    Poster Group L: Benjamin Bush, MS4
    Poster Group M: Lindsey Gleuckert, MS2 and Maxwell Thompson, MS2

  • MSRD 2010 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Jason Skelley, MS2*
    David Doo, MS2
    Grace Flowers, MS2
    Zachary Griffith, MS2
    Travis Hull, MSTP (MS2)
    Jennifer Kirkman, MS2
    Adam Scott, MS2

    Intermediate Term Oral:
    John Jarboe, MSTP (GS2)*
    Neal Hatch, MS4
    Michelle Parchman, MS4
    Virginia Planz, MS3

    Long Term Oral:
    Asher Albertson, MSTP (GS3)*
    Travis Lewis, MSTP (GS5)
    Aimee Merino, MSTP (GS4)

    *Denotes Winner

    Poster Winners:

    Poster Group A: Brian Warmus, MSTP (GS1) 
    Poster Group B: Vishnu Cuddapah, MSTP (GS3) 
    Poster Group C: Christopher Azbell, MS3 
    Poster Group D: Ryan Corrick, MSTP (GS3)  
    Poster Group E: Jerry Bradley, Jr, MS2 
    Poster Group F: Christopher Kennedy, MS2  
    Poster Group G: Victor Lin, MSTP (GS5) 
    Poster Group H: Elliot Bishop, MS2 
    Poster Group I: Swati Bansal, MS3  
    Poster Group J: Daniel Sullivan, MS2 
    Poster Group K: Olusimidele Akinsiku, MSTP (GS5) 
    Poster Group L: Angela Grochowshy, MS2 
    Poster Group M: Sarah Abroms, MS4 
    Poster Group N: Lauren Stephens, MS2 

  • MSRD 2009 Winners

    Oral Presentations:

    Short Term Oral:
    Stacey Watkins, MSTP (GS1)*
    Baran Aksut, MS2 
    Harrison Irons, MS2
    John-Ryan McAnnally, MS2
    Shari Reeves, MS2
    Jennifer Stanley, MSTP (MS1)
    Bannon Thorpe, MS1

    Intermediate Term Oral:
    Brian Sullivan, MS3*
    Michael Alberti, MSTP (GS2)
    Lindsay Brown, MS3

    Long Term Oral:
    Stephen Jordan, MSTP (GS5)*
    Olusimidele Akinsiku, MSTP (GS4)
    Chris Yuskaitis, MSTP (GS3)

    *Denotes Winner

    Poster Winners:

    Poster Group A: Travis Lewis, MSTP (GS4)
    Poster Group B: Brian Warmus, MSTP (MS2)
    Poster Group C: Asher Albertson, MSTP (GS2)
    Poster Group D: Erica Johnson, MS2
    Poster Group E: James Gladden, MSTP (GS3)
    Poster Group F: Tarannum Jaleel, MS2
    Poster Group G: Sherry Yang, MSTP (GS4)
    Poster Group H: Ryan Burton, MS2
    Poster Group I: Natalie Roebuck, MS2
    Poster Group J: Carson Moseley, MS1
    Poster Group K: Lisa Akhtar, MSTP (GS4)
    Poster Group L: Rozalyn Love, MS3
    Poster Group M: Michael Kozak, MS2
    Poster Group N: Haller Jackson Smith, MS2
    Poster Group M: Daniel Schuster, MS3